Custom Print Design

Layout Options

Our standard prints come in 2 sizes. The classic 10x15cm print and the ‘passport’ sized 5x15cm print. As well as print size, you can also select the number of photos that appear on each print. The most popular options are either 1 or 3 pictures per print.

Your prints can include your logo, event date and any other information that you wish to have included.

NEW: In addition to 10x15cm and 5x13cm prints, we are now able to offer 13x18cm and 15x15cm prints.


In the above template, the black areas are where the picture(s) get placed and the blue areas can be used for design elements, text and graphics.

Sample Prints

Here are some sample print templates that show some of the layout and design options available.

If you have any questions about print templates, please feel free to drop us a line below.


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